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Originally founded as the El Paso  Pharmaceutical Association in July 1953, ("EPPA") is a 501(3) charitable nonprofit organization that provides grants and funding for special projects and studies directly associated with community pharmacy practice and the advancement of patient care services.

The El Paso Pharmacy Association has a current membership of over 1,000  members. Current membership includes , Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students, Pharmacy Technicians, and Professional Pharmaceutical Service Representatives. The association concerns itself with local, state, and national current events affecting the practice of pharmacy. When you volunteer through EPPA, you’re joining millions of people who are giving back so others can get ahead. Use your time and talent to create social change where you work or live — join our global community of game changers.

Within EPPA, groups of like-minded people are inspiring their peers to make a difference. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts. Together, we can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

 The El Paso Pharmacy Association fosters philanthropy and provides resources to address our community's unique opportunities and challenges. We fund scholarships and other initiatives to enhance the delivery of quality health care to individuals and advance the pharmacy profession in Texas through research and education.


We also promote local events for families to access various preventative services to Promote Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support.


We work hard to connect our most vulnerable with basic needs (food, clothes, shelter, healthcare) mentor-ships and promote lifelong financial stability for all community members.



College Students
Students in a Science Class

Our Vision

We invite everyone to be part of the change in your community. Whether it's women, students, young professionals, or major donors -- our groups are just one more way for you to explore the wonderful careers in pharmacy. 

We will continue to promote leadership development within a three (3) pronged programming approach: Education & Personal Development, Economic Self-Sufficiency, and Consciousness-Raising for Change.


We collaborate with local, state, regional, national organizations and agencies to provide special services, training seminars, and workshops that help meet the individual needs of our participants and the needs of the communities of Southern NM and West TX.

We Need Your Support Today!

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